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Welcome to the wonderful world of Adventure Myanmar!

Exclusive Gifts during the Trip in Myanmar


During the transfer from the airport to the hotel, we offer the typical Myanmar bag with the logo of the company containing map of Myanmar, Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay. In the hotel’s rooms, we put longyi (Sarong) with a letter of explanation about the gift. When we visit to Pagodas or religious monuments, it is advisable to cover the legs. Due to the weather, short pants are a bit inconvenient to put all the days and the longyi is very easy to put on and to remove. We offer the birthday card (type of Myanmar horoscope).

In Myanmar, it is very important to know that the day we were born according to Buddhist astrological belief. Every single day has its own planet and their symbol of animals (for example, Wednesday is Mercury and the animal is elephant). In the Pagodas, there are the planetary posts for every day and people go to their posts to offer water, flowers, candles, incense sticks, etc. accordingly.


Bagan is the birth-place of the Country of Myanmar with over 2000 Pagodas and temples. Since we have to take off the shoes when we visit the Pagodas and temples, the shoes are inconvenient to remove and to put on. So, we prepare the traditional slippers, which are very easy to put them on and off. If we don’t want, they can be put in the bag.
It is also possible to offer lacquer ware boxes with the logo of the company.


We offer the hat to cover the strong sunlight. The hat can be folded and if we don’t like to put it on, we can fold it and keep it in the bag.
It is also possible to offer Myanmar marionette which is a typical handy-craft of Mandalay.

Inle Lake

Inle Lake is famous for its textiles and Shan traditional costumes. To enjoy the visit in the lake with the traditional clothes, we prepare a special Shan shirt and people can wear it on during their stay in Inle Lake.
We can also arrange small umbrellas or books made of rice-papers.

Ngapali Beach

The bamboo hats will protect the glare of the sunlight at the beach.

Farewell Gift

We give the T-Shirt with the logo of the company. In the front side, there is a figure of a Myanmar girl, greeting “Mingalarbar”. And in the back side, there is a painting of a temple where we can arrange the special dinner in Bagan and Myanmar Alphabets.

2.) Diary of the trip
3.) Group’s photo
4.) Photos’ CD

The gifts that we mentioned above are only to get the idea for consideration. We can also prepare more items upon your request.

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